by Mandalyn on October 3, 2011

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I finished up month 9 on Medifast!  Wooot! Wooot!!  Can I get a Hell Yeah!!!

It has been a rough few months with the weightloss, and I really have learned a lot about persevering and pushing through it all.  It is really easy to throw in the towel and convince yourself that maybe the diet isn’t working anymore.   Trust me in the past I would have convinced myself I needed a “cheat” to shock my system.  This cheat would lead to more cheats and ultimately I would declare that my body hates me and quit.

Somehow something really clicked this time…and I don’t know what it was specifically.  I know I was sick of people judging me, and I wanted to feel comfortable with myself.   There was also the fact my knees were starting to hurt, and squeak with strain.  It was definitely time, and now that an end is in sight I am through the roof excited.

So this last week I lost 3 FREAKING pounds!  Can you believe that.  It was like my body woke up and was like “She’s gonna quit eventually if we don’t let a few pound disappear!”  So the scale moved! In addition to this I tried on my old jeans from college and folks they fit!

Uh total high five for me!  So I have lost 62lbs since January!

Disclaimer:  I am not paid, or compensated for my posts on using Medifast.  These experiences and opinions are entirely my own.