Dear Friends…please allow me to explain.

by Mandalyn on May 1, 2012

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I have not posted on my blog in three months!  Yeah, I did get a bit burnt out, and life did become ridiculously crazy as usual.  However, here is my main reason for my absence.

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We got a little surprise in February, and then three months of puking, wanting to puke, back and abdominal pain, horrible OB practice experience, scary ass ER visit, and well exhaustion that cannot be put into any words, other than lock me up in a coffin and that is how dead on my feet I was!  So it was out of desperation to survive that I stepped away from the ol blog.  I just couldn’t put one more thing on my plate of insanity.

Onward to answer some of my most frequently asked questions about this kiddo:

Was this baby planned?  No, this little one was not planned.  He/She was a BIG Whoopsie!  Not to say that I am labeling this baby an unwelcomed accident.  However, I was still focused on getting to my goal weight, and lets face it I have a lot going on already in my life right now.  Initially, I was not a happy mama, as I couldn’t fathom how I would juggle one more kiddo plus everything else.  It didn’t help that this kid has made me sicker and more miserable than Wyatt ever did.  A lot of soul and come to Jesus thinking and I got myself out of my ridiculous funk and embraced it.  God had a reason for this kiddo to be born, if he didn’t our birth control methods would have worked!  So I am thinking the next president is growing in my uterus…and I will be DAMN sure my birth is a public event so no one can dispute the birth certificate…heh heh!

Do you think it is a boy or girl? I am on Team Edward..or Jacob…or any male character in the movie…with the exception of that really annoying male school mate of Bella’s because he is a horrible actor, and doesn’t portray any semblence of a hottie.  A long long long time ago I worked at H & R Block and one of the tax preparers read my palm, she said I would have two boys.  So I am SURE she was right!   Oh wait shit…maybe it was that psychic I saw in college.  Oh crap I don’t know, but one of the ladies with powers from beyond said I would have two boys.  So I MUST be having a boy.  Of course everyone is on Team Bella!  Colby has told me I am bitchier, and well everything with this pregnancy is just different in comparison to Wyatt.  So we will see in about five weeks!

What do you call the little booger?   Well when I was pregnant with Wyatt I called him Lucy…I won’t tell you why because peeps on the internet get all judgy and all.  This one is simply “Deuce” as in #2.  I hesitated at first to use my instinctive nickname as people may be thinking I am awaiting a bowel movement.  However, I like the nickname and it is gonna stick!

What does Wyatt think?  Well he just thinks I am getting fat I think.  I have to be super careful because he has always enjoyed jumping up on me.  Honestly, he doesn’t understand that anything is going on.  He really will just think I am getting fat.

How did you tell your parents? Using a cookbook of my great aunt’s recipes…I inserted a little Grannie P Pie recipe for my mom to see.  She is sooo out of it and didn’t get it.  Even when I said “Bake for 9 month…ahh screw it I am pregnant mom,”

When are you due? October 26th!  Literally right after my birthday…this year for my birthday I will have the gift of a sore vagina.  Exciting right?

Okay…I have said VAGINA so that is the sign to me that I need to probably end my first post of three months!!  Hormones make me say crazy things.